Join us in Galveston for a Novel Whisperer Writing Adventure!

Join Robin, your Novel Whisperer, in Galveston, TX for a week of writing with purpose.  You will be inspired by the beauty of the island, focused on writing by setting aside the time for your project, and supported by a book coach and editor who will help you get words on the page and makeContinue reading “Join us in Galveston for a Novel Whisperer Writing Adventure!”

Going on a Personal Writing Adventure, part 2

Last summer,  I decided I wanted to attend a writing retreat, and I had very specific goals in mind for this retreat. As luck would have it, my amazing book coach Robin Henry, announced in January that she was offering a personal writing adventure in Estonia. (see the previous post)  In this post, I wantedContinue reading “Going on a Personal Writing Adventure, part 2”

The “feisty female” in historical fiction

I have been reading Susanne Alleyn’s excellent book about writing historical fiction. Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders (2015) recently; though I find it helpful, interesting, and often quite humorous, there is one idea I would like to push back on just a bit–the feisty female.  Alleyn writes that too often authors give their historical charactersContinue reading “The “feisty female” in historical fiction”