Readerly Terms of Service

It’s true, nobody likes to read the terms of service, but please do.  It’s important for our relationship that we both have the same understanding of what we each agree to with regard to Readerly book coaching services.

Legally binding Terms for working with LLC

Business relationships are successful when both parties have clarity about their boundaries and expectations; the terms establish the boundaries and expectations we will abide by.

Please read this page before you purchase coaching, because when you pay, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms.  When you make a purchase from Readerly,  you will be provided with a copy of these terms before submitting payment.

Please contact Readerly (robin@readerly,net) if any of the terms are not clear to you.

What Readerly does

We provide coaching and editorial services to writers who want professional, objective support in their creative endeavors.  According to the description of the package you have selected, we may provide the following services:

  • Developmental editing
  • Inline comments
  • Lessons/Exercises for specific aspects of the writing craft
  • Written feedback/strategy suggestions
  • A full editorial letter on your work
  • Lists of agents to query
  • Coaching calls to discuss feedback and strategies, as well as followup questions.
  • Email support for coaching clients
  • Group Instruction/Coaching

The confidentiality of our client’s work is of the utmost importance.  We will not share your work or your ideas with anyone without your permission. We will never approach publishers or literary agents on your behalf.

If you wish to refer to Robin or Readerly by name in your work, please ask permission; Readerly  may ask you for permission to talk about your book and our professional association, and to put details on our website and promotional materials, because if you are happy with your result, we would like to be allowed to celebrate!

What Readerly doesn’t do

  • We cannot guarantee any writer’s work will be published.  Publishing is a fickle business, and there is a cocktail of luck/talent/promotion/right place right time-ness which remains mysterious.
  • We cannot guarantee that if you follow our suggestions and guidance, you will make money, get an agent, sell the movie rights to Netflix, or have any specific, predetermined result. 
  • The scope of Readerly’s packages are clear and describe what and how many pages we will review and give you feedback on. Please do not send  more pages than we have agreed under the package, we will not review them.
  • Except according to the cancellation terms below, Readerly  does not make refunds.  

Working with Readerly

  • We will communicate via email and prearranged video conferencing (usually, Zoom).  Readerly does not use a telephone number for business and will not hold coaching calls via telephone. 
  • The email address for all business communication is OR 
  • Readerly will usually respond to emails within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. It will not always be possible to reply to you immediately, because we may be doing deep work on a client’s manuscript or engaged in meetings. If you email on a Saturday or Sunday, you may not receive a reply until Monday.

Scheduling appointments

  • Authors will schedule coaching sessions via email.  Once a date/time has been agreed upon, Robin will send you a calendar invite with a meeting link.
  • Calls should be scheduled according to the schedule provided with each Package.
  • Except in the case of extreme emergency, Readerly will provide at least 24 hours notice if a call needs to be rescheduled.
  • If you need to reschedule a call because of an emergency, please see the section below, ‘Appointment Changes’.

Appointment changes

  • When you have submitted a deadline on time before a coaching call, but you need to change the corresponding call date or time, and it is at least 48 hours in advance, please email Robin.
  • If you need to change the date of a call within 48 hours of the call time/date, , please notify Robin as soon as possible via email with the subject line  ‘URGENT Scheduling Problem’.
  • The first time it happens, Readerly will try very hard to be flexible with rescheduling a time for the call, as the schedule allows. Subsequent occurrences may result in termination of the coaching package without a refund or skipping a deadline call without a refund in a long term package.

Deadline Policy

  • It is the author’s responsibility to meet deadlines.
  • Deadline submissions should be made in the agreed upon manner, by 8 AM CST/CDT on Mondays. Of course, authors may submit work early!
  • If you miss a submission deadline, Robin will not evaluate your submission until your next deadline.


  • Payment is required at least 3 business days in advance of beginning work on a project or before the start date of any course/group coaching cohort.
  • Payment plans will be offered if appropriate
  • Payment for ongoing coaching, such as monthly deadlines or ongoing pitch support is due on the first of the month. 
  • Payment arrangements will be included in the client proposal for service.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you have purchased a course or coaching package with a one-time payment, you may cancel within 15 days and receive a refund for the value of the package less $100 for time spent, processing at Readerly, and service charges.
  • If you purchase an ongoing package and need to terminate before the end of the contracted period, coaching will continue through the paid period for the most current payment and you will not be invoiced for the remainder. If you have pre-paid, the remainder less 10% to cover  service charges will be refunded.

Intellectual Property  

  • Clients retain all rights to their own work; confidentiality will be rigorously maintained by for all client—coach communication and client files.
  • All written and verbal communications by the coach, including exercises, email, instruction, in-line comments, video/audio files, etc. are the sole property of Robin Henry and LLC or used with permission from Author Accelerator and may not be copied, shared, or otherwise used for any purpose outside the scope of the client’s coaching relationship with LLC without express written permission. No infringement of intellectual property rights will be tolerated.