What Readerly Writers are Saying

Lisa Williams Kline is delighted to announce the publication of her novel Between the Sky and the Sea by Dragonblade Publishing. Big thanks to Robin for her help with anachronisms, plot twists, and all things historical with this novel! 

Lisa’s Book is available here.

“I left our session with a list of what sections of my opening pages to work on, but also a deeper understanding of why those sections needed work and how to improve them through concrete and actionable advice.

Amy Glynn

I worked with Robin to polish the first two chapters of my manuscript. Her critique touched upon several big-picture issues, such as voice and clarifying stakes, as well as finer details like transitions, word choice, and tense. Her notes were thoughtful, clear, and insightful. On top of a written critique, we had a virtual consultation, which was lovely. Throughout our discussion, I was impressed with Robin’s enthusiasm and understanding of my story, for which she offered several great suggestions. She is organized and responsive, and I would recommend Readerly to anyone who wants to whip their story into shape.  Kimberly Crow

Robin Henry takes the fear out of writing a book! As a first-time writer, I am both excited and terrified and working with Robin has truly helped me relax and embrace the process. Her Plan of a Novel has been great in helping me get started. Her step-by-step instructions provide a logical foundation for building strong characters and a solid plot. Robin is open to questions, happy to help and is super encouraging! I am so glad I decided to work with her. Robin is the support I needed to realize my dream of becoming an author of cozy mysteries!  Zoe Carmichael

I write modernizations of Jane Austen’s classics. After the first draft of a new novel, I knew something was wrong. Robin’s knowledge of Jane Austen’s themes and characters made her the perfect person to work with me. She was able to identify the problems I hadn’t noticed and give me advice that would help make my story something readers would enjoy. She was easy to chat with and encouraging, which made me feel comfortable working with her. I will definitely work with her for future books in this series! Sara Marks, http://saramarks.net