Readerly Book Coaching and Writer Support

Whether you are just beginning, in the mushy middle, or ready to ascend the hills of querying or independent publishing, Readerly will be your guide all the way.

Starting the Quest

Your New Novel: Planning Intensive $500

All writers who begin monthly coaching with Readerly will begin with the planning phase as a part of your monthly coaching services. Writers receive a Your New Novel Workbook; as they complete the assigned pages for each deadline, Readerly provides written feedback with email support to help them move forward and get their idea from their head to the page. The planning intensive is done over 2-3 months and may be purchased on its own or as part of monthly support.

During the Planning Intensive, authors will do the following:

  • Identify their genre, ideal reader, and other basics
  • create a cause: effect outline for their novel (with beats)
  • write a main character arc and backstory
  • complete a plot diagram and story timeline
  • write the first and last scenes.

Get the road map for your book done with support from a coach, so you can start writing forward with confidence! Upon completion, authors may opt to continue working on their own or with a coach.

Ready to Revise

Novel Revision Intensive  $500

This 6-8 week program is designed to take authors through the steps to create a revision plan for their draft. Writers receive Revision Exercises and Templates and Readerly provides written feedback with email support. The Novel Revision Intensive includes three 30-minute coaching calls.

  • Revision worksheet to get at the basics
  • Book Map of your entire book
  • Character Exercises
  • Structure/Outline/Synopsis
  • Review of new/revised first and last chapter

Upon completion of the Revision Intensive, authors may opt to continue on their own or with Book Coaching Monthly Support.

Manuscript Review  $1500

This option is for writers who have a manuscript and are ready to start tackling revisions. Robin will read your entire manuscript of up to 80,000 words and prepare an editorial letter, do some sample in-line edits, and go over the feedback and next steps for revision in a 1-hour coaching call. 

Perfect if you have a first draft that you want to take to the next level!

Manuscripts from 80,001-120,000 words $2000.

Two Chapter/20 pp. Review $150 Don’t need a full MS review?

Readerly will read and make inline comments/feedback on 2 chapters/20 pages of your new novel and schedule a 30 minute consultation to go over feedback and next steps for your writing. A great way to get help polishing the pages agents are most likely to read AND get a quick evaluation to help with pitching/revisions. NOTE: Authors who decide to get a full review after the 20 page review will have their 20 page review fee credited toward their full review.

Your Book Mentor for any Stage of the Journey

Monthly Writer Support  $150-$300 per month

Personal support with deadlines, feedback, and Zoom calls to meet individual needs depending on publishing goals.  Support can include developmental editing, creative writing help, and/or help with historical authenticity. NOTE: Authors must have completed either planning or diagnostic work with Readerly before signing up for monthly mentoring. Contact Robin or schedule a consultation to find out more.

NOTE: Readerly specializes in historical fiction, literary fan fiction, women’s fiction, and cozy mysteries.  If your book does not fit into one of these categories, we will consider it on a case by case basis, or refer you to a book coach with experience in your genre.

Get your copy of Readerly’s new Outlining Workbook. Never be confused by outlining styles again.