Individual Book Coaching and Writer Support

Do you need a book mentor? Robin is the novel whisperer for you if you are writing historical fiction/historical mystery, upmarket fiction, or women’s fiction that you want to level up.

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Lots of writers say they worked on a book for ten or fifteen years before they got an agent/deal/self-published it. What if you could shorten that timeline significantly by getting professional coaching and editorial help? Well, you can!

Plan, Write, or Revise with individual support.

It all starts with diagnostic work

Whether You’re planning your novel or about to begin revisions, a One Pager Coaching Session is a great way to See the shape of your story form 10,000 feet and gain clarity on your ideas.

You complete the one pager exercises, get written feedback, and we have a half hour coaching session to discuss your novel and next steps in the writing process.

Other Novel Diagnostics
Opening Pages or Outline Review ($250-$500)

Do you need a quick diagnostic to decide on next steps for your revision process? Robin will review your opening (5000 words or 12,500 words), or your completed Inside Outline.

Here’s how it works:

  • Robin will engage in a close reading of your pages, including your one page synopsis if the review is for the opening. If you choose an Inside Outline Review, you will receive complete instructions for completing the outline.
  • You will receive in-line comments and sample edits
  • You will receive an editorial letter with big picture notes
  • We will wrap up with a one hour consultation to discuss feedback and next steps for your project.  

The opening pages review is a great way to get help polishing the pages agents are most likely to read AND get a quick evaluation to help with pitching/revisions.

First 5000 words + Synopsis = $250, First 12,500 words + Synopsis = $500

The outline review is perfect for writers about to start revisions who want to work on structure and making good choices for their next draft. The Outline Review is $500

After diagnostic work, we’ll discuss the best option for you. If you are ready to get started, take a look at the options below.

Your New Novel Coaching includes a workbook of planning exercises for writers to complete, written feedback from Robin on the workbook exercises, a one hour coaching session, and a follow up half hour session based on revised exercises after the initial coaching. You can start writing forward knowing that your plan is solid.

Novel Planning $750

Revision Intensive Coaching includes three deadlines with exercises designed to walk you through the layers of revision and rock your revision. Each deadline comes with written feedback and a coaching session.

Revision Intensive $750

Your Novel Whisperer for any Stage of the Journey—Ongoing Coaching
Monthly Writer Support $200-$400 per month

Personal support with 1 or 2 deadlines per month, written feedback, and Zoom calls to meet individual needs depending on publishing goals.  Support can include developmental editing, creative writing help, and/or help with historical authenticity. NOTE: Authors must have completed either planning or diagnostic work with Readerly before signing up for monthly mentoring. Contact Robin or schedule a consultation to find out more.

Work with Robin on your Full Manuscript

Manuscript Review/Developmental Edit  $2000-$3000

Writers who have a manuscript and are ready to start tackling revisions frequently need fresh professional eyes! Here’s what Robin does in a Full Review/Developmental Edit:

  • A close reading of your entire manuscript plus additional readings.
  • A complete done-for-you book map detailing the chapters and scenes of your novel to analyze the structure, plot, characterization, POV, and more.
  • In-line comments and questions along with sample line edits on a copy of the manuscript. 
  • An editorial letter that includes what you’ve done well and a prioritized list of items to think about as you begin revision.
  • A one hour coaching session to discuss the feedback, brainstorm, and create a plan for revision. 
  • A follow up submission and coaching session (thirty minutes) based on the plan created. The follow up will be planned with the author to best meet the needs of their project. It may include a new outline, new opening pages, or other submission up to 5000 words.  A Second Look Service of the complete revised manuscript is available for an additional fee.

Manuscripts up to 80,000 words $2000; from 80,001-120,000 words $3000.

NOTE: A writing sample and synopsis are required before a writer may book a manuscript review with developmental editing. Some writers would be best served by another service before beginning a full review, since it is a lengthy and high value service.

Clients may choose to revise with coaching or on their own and have the option to add a Second Look review of their manuscript once revisions are completed. Perfect if you have a draft that you are ready to revise with purpose.

NOTE: Readerly specializes in historical fiction, literary fan fiction, women’s fiction, and cozy mysteries.  If your book does not fit into one of these categories, we will consider it on a case by case basis, or refer you to a book coach with experience in your genre.