Going on a Personal Writing Adventure, part 2

Last summer,  I decided I wanted to attend a writing retreat, and I had very specific goals in mind for this retreat. As luck would have it, my amazing book coach Robin Henry, announced in January that she was offering a personal writing adventure in Estonia. (see the previous post)  In this post, I wantedContinue reading “Going on a Personal Writing Adventure, part 2”

Tea Time Treat: Chocolate Loaf Cake

About a year ago, I embarked on a project to adapt a beautifully illustrated but dreadfully written cookbook, Maison Kayser’s French Pastry Workshop: a Step-by-Step Guide. You can read my review and those of many other disappointed home cooks, on GoodReads. Basically, the ingredient lists are a joke, containing things like, “1 ½ cups +Continue reading “Tea Time Treat: Chocolate Loaf Cake”