Book Review: The Fell by Sarah Moss

NOTE to writers: this book breaks a lot of the “rules” you’ve been told in good faith to follow. Please realize this is not her first novel, so she has more freedom to experiment. It’s okay to break the rules sometimes, if you can do it well, which she does. 🙂

This book is about the Pandemic without being about the Pandemic.  It’s about the choices we make and how they play out in our lives; how trying to do the right thing sometimes goes wrong; how occasionally what we need is acceptance without judgment and to listen to other people, really listen to hear them.

Kate is supposed to be quarantining at home, but she goes out walking in a moment of high frustration—a woman who is so left-leaning and environmentally conscious, it would be a struggle to find another as “righteously liberal.” She won’t be gone long, no one will even know, or will they?  

This tightly written, multi-POV novel reads fast, but it will stay with you and force you to examine questions raised about love, morality, community, and responsibility. When people think they know all the answers, they need a book like this to ask them more questions.

Published by Robin Henry

Independent Scholar and Book Coach specializing in Historical Fiction and Literary Fan Fiction.