Part 2 of the Interview with Colin Mustful, Publisher…

Part two of my interview with Colin Mustful, this time, his perspective as a publisher.  One thing he did not mention, is that he signed NYT bestseller, Alina Adams, author of Nesting Dolls for her book, My Mother’s Secret, which is for sale at his website here:  Look for a review on Readerly soon,Continue reading “Part 2 of the Interview with Colin Mustful, Publisher…”

Interview with author Colin Mustful

This interview is in two parts, because Colin is both an author and a publisher.  This week, we hear from Colin the author: Colin Mustful is an independent author, historian, editor, and publisher. His writing helps readers learn and understand the complicated and tragic history of settler-colonialism and Native displacement in the Upper Midwest. HeContinue reading “Interview with author Colin Mustful”

Book Review: The Bangalore Detective Club by Harini Nagendra

I had the privilege of interviewing Harini for the Read Like a Writer Podcast recently and her interview will be available to listeners in March, in anticipation of her new book, the second in the Bangalore Detective Club series.   I listened to her debut novel on Audible and found it great fun.  It is aContinue reading “Book Review: The Bangalore Detective Club by Harini Nagendra”

Mystery and Thriller Round up for 2022

It is time for year end lists!  Here’s my list of favorite mysteries and thrillers I read in  2022.  NOTE—I read these in 2022, some of them were published earlier… Each of these are a great mini-masterclass for mystery writers, too. Each does a wonderful job of keeping the reader curious, building suspense, but withoutContinue reading “Mystery and Thriller Round up for 2022”