Women’s History Month Roundup

Women’s History Month is one of my favorite months of the year.  I love March, because it’s my birthday month, because the daffodils are up, at least in Central Texas, and because we celebrate women. As a feminist, it makes me happy.  Of course, I wish we celebrated women every month, but we’ve got to start somewhere.  

The links below are a gathering of some of the best sites I’ve found and that have been sent to me by others.  First up, sent in by a reader, is this fantastic online exhibit featuring my favorite authoress, you know her, you love her, Jane Austen.

Publication and Prejudice at Yale

Women’s History Month (LOC and NARA)

Women’s Story at Story Corps

She Resisted by PBS

Women and the Civil War

National Women’s History Alliance

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity forWomen Worldwide (Documentary)

Women’s History Month on Biography

30 Important Women in History You May Not Have Heard of from The Archive

Early Women’s Writing at the Chawton House Library

It is not too late to get everything you need to make history come alive in your novel.

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