Book Club for Writers

The Read Like a Writer Book Club begins this month!

It will feature book discussions of great novels both past and present through the lens of a writer.  We’ll deconstruct their work looking for lessons in craft, style, and story, so we can apply those lessons to our own works in progress.  

Our first book Discussion will be about

The Anomaly by Herve Le Tellier

The club meetings will be held via Zoom with a private forum on Tribe for online discussion.

Here is the framework we will use as we think about the novels we read:

  • Questions to ask as you read:
    • What are the basic “facts” of the book?
      • Genre
      • Characters—who is the central character?
      • Basic plot events—what is the most important event?
    • Character Arc
      • What does the MC want?
      • What stands in her way?
      • What does she do to overcome this block?
    • What is the POV used by the writer?
    • What is the beginning and the end—is there change over time? 
    • What is this book trying to teach/show you about the world?
    • Do you agree with the message of the book?  In other words, has the author done her job convincing you?
    • Choose a passage you find particularly beautiful and analyze it looking at things like rhythm, word choice, metaphors.  What does it teach you about language?
    • What about the author’s writing did you find particularly enjoyable?  What not?

I hope you will  join me as we read both for enjoyment and enlightenment; and engage in spirited discussions along the way.  For more information, write me at .  Use the subject line:  Read Like a Writer Book Club.

Published by Robin Henry

Independent Scholar and Book Coach specializing in Historical Fiction and Literary Fan Fiction.

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