The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

I am afraid I will have to join the minority who did not like this one.  The Washington Post reviewer calls it “plodding” and I would have to agree.  One reviewer on Goodreads says it seems like the author read The Grapes of Wrath and decided it needed an update.  I would have to agree with that as well.  The characters are one dimensional, the prose is pedestrian, and there just isn’t enough story to maintain interest. Misery can’t be the only thing sustaining the story arc.  I understand that writing about the Great Depression was a risk, because there was a lot of misery, but a load of terrible things happening doesn’t make a story. The main character doesn’t grow, the daughter runs hot and cold, and the dialogue was particularly lackluster. I haven’t even mentioned the historical inaccuracies–if you are going to write about Texas, you should probably do some research about it. Movies from the 1930s are easy to find and watching them might have helped with some of the dialogue. This is the third book by Kristin Hannah I have read and I have come to the conclusion I am not her ideal reader.  Color me disappointed.

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