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How would you like to get to that One Yes with your novel?

Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Mystery Writers work with Robin at Readerly to craft the compelling novels readers crave about people who’ve made a difference.

“I appreciate her so much more than I can express. After our session, I was really reinvigorated even though, not long before the session, I was almost ready to give up and shelve this manuscript. She helped me give it new life.”

Melissa Tyndall, A Winner of the October SNOTY Giveaway from Readerly

” I left our session with a list of what sections of my opening pages to work on, but also a deeper understanding of why those sections needed work and how to improve them through concrete and actionable advice.”

Amy Glynn, A Winner of the February SNOTY Giveaway from Readerly

Three Ways to Work with Robin

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