Preparing to Query

NOTE: Because Querying is tough and writers are often tempted to query before they are ready, Readerly will only work with authors on their pitching materials if they have done Revision work or have had a Twenty Page or Full MS Review with us previously. We want the best result for all of our clients and querying too soon can lead to unnecessary disappointment if your MS is not ready yet.

Pitch Support  $600, with optional ongoing pitch support $50/month after the initial pitch package.

Readerly will read your MS, prepare a list of 25 agents who are currently accepting projects similar to yours based on your “agent wish-list,” as well as help you develop a synopsis, query letter, and 3 one-sentence pitches. One zoom coaching session to prioritize the agent list and formulate a pitch strategy is included. 

Ongoing monthly pitch support consists of email support, document editing, and one 15-minute zoom session per month.

Help Developing your Query Materials  $250

Readerly will help you craft:

  • A synopsis 
  • A query letter 
  • Loglines/Twitter pitches

This package includes a 30-minute coaching call to discuss querying strategy and agent research methods.