About Book Coaching

What does a Book Coach do for a Writer?

A Book Coach is a professional who provides support, structure, and strategies for writers who are serious about finishing their books. It turns out that creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum and neither does getting your book on the page.  Jane Austen had Cassandra and Martha, the Bronte sisters had each other, and F. Scott Fitzgerald had Max Perkins. It is no accident that great writers develop a cluster of support–both amateur and professional. Maybe your friends and family are great, but you need more to level up.  Executives have coaches, elite athletes have coaches, so why not you?

Our Values

At Readerly Book Coaching, we believe…

that writers write because they have something to say, that stories can change the world, and that a good coach can help you write the novel you want to read.

What writers can expect from Readerly Book Coaching:

  • Ongoing support with structures to help you reach your writing goals
  • Accountability and feedback on your work with a plan for next steps on your writing journey
  • Developmental Editing and Big Picture analysis from someone who understands story

Are you ready to claim your place as a writer?  Let Readerly help.

“I write only for fame, and without any view to pecuniary emolument.”

Jane Austen, letter January 16, 1796